January 28, 2024

What is Gin & is it kosher?

One of the hottest spirits today, yet shrouded in mystery. What is gin & is it kosher?

What is Gin & is it kosher?

“Isn’t gin just hipster vodka?” 🧔

Well, maybe. But nearly every distilled spirit starts off as a vodka-like substance. It’s what happens post-distillation that differentiates it from the pack.

Firstly, to be called Gin, the spirit must have a predominant flavor of Juniper berries 🫐 (giving it that’s unmistakeable “gin” taste) & must be bottled at no less than 40% ABV (in the US). Besides for juniper berries, the distiller is free to add pretty much any other botanicals 🌿 they’d like, which is what makes the gin category so diverse.

Lastly, there are many “styles” of gin, which can give you a hint as to what to expect in the bottle. I won’t go into too much detail, but some of the more popular styles are London Dry, Old Tom, Plymouth, & Genever.

The gin-making process looks something like this:

  1. Distillation (AKA making vodka)
  2. Infusion (juniper & other botanicals / herbs of the distiller’s choice)
  3. Re-distillation
  4. Dilution (to the desired ABV)
  5. Bottling
So, is Gin kosher?

Absolutely, as long as:

  1. It is unflavored (botanicals does not count as flavored)
  2. The label does not state that it is produced from grapes, wine, milk, lactose, or whey.(Kashrus creds cRc Kosher)

L’chaim 🥂