Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

We're based in Monsey, NY, and while most of our events are in the Tri-state area, we offer our services globally. So whether you'd like us to fly to Florida for your wedding or join you in Mexico for a sun-soaked vacay, our talented team of mixologists are at your service.

Can you create custom drinks?

Absolutely! Whether it's recreating a drink you've had somewhere and loved, or inventing something entirely new to go along with your event's theme, our mixologists can create custom cocktails just for you & your guests.

Are you kosher certified?

Yes! We're under the hashgacha of Vaad Kashrus Mehadrin, led by Rav Tzvi Altusky. VKM is a CRC recommended hashgacha & member of AKO.

Do you use pre-made mixers in your cocktails?

At Mixcraft, we believe quality is the #1 recipe for success. Which is why we make all our mixes from scratch using freshly pressed juices and natural ingredients. We will NEVER serve you a drink made with a store-bought cocktail mix.

Do you provide a bar table?

Yes, we provide a modern and elegant bar table at no extra cost, if needed. Available in multiple styles and colors.

Do you offer smoke effects?

Yes! We are the only mixology company to offer kosher Flavour Blaster smoke & bubble effects. We've recreated the solutions from the ground up to adhere to our strict kashrus standards. Please note, we do not offer dry ice due to the safety concerns involved.

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