January 28, 2024

Shaken coffee and its ties to mixology

The rise in shaken iced coffee drinks and how they're connected to the centuries-old art of mixology.

Shaken coffee and its ties to mixology

Do you like your coffee shaken or stirred? ☕️

You may have noticed a new menu item at your local coffee shop that’s called something like “venti iced shaken brown sugar oat milk espresso….”

Phew 😮 💨  that was a long one. But what in the world is a shaken coffee and why would I want it?🤯

Well, it’s shaken with ice in a shaker exactly like you would a cocktail, and for the exact same reasons:

  1. Aeration - Shaking introduces thousands of mini air bubbles into your drink and can drastically change the mouthfeel (and even taste!) of your drink 🥤
  2. Dilution - Shaking with ice helps properly dilute the drink and make it less harsh 🧊
  3. Chilling - Shaking a drink can help it reach extremely cold temperatures that are simply not possible when stirring ❄️

Have you tried a shaken coffee drink, and do you prefer shaken or stirred?