January 28, 2024

Ready-To-Drink Guide

A curated list of kosher, quality RTD alcoholic beverages that are worth your time and money.

Ready-To-Drink Guide

Are you ready to drink?! 😎

Well, this guide is all about that. A list of our favorite cocktails, seltzers, ciders etc, that are ready to drink! 🍹 No mixing. No shaking. No prepping. 😀 Just chill and serve. 🍾

This guide is by no means an extensive list, and we have NOT been paid to promote any of these products. 💰

Dead Drop Old Fashioned

Handcrafted with bourbon, aromatic bitters & demerara sugar, this old fashioned cocktail is a whiskey lover's paradise.

  • $29 for a 375ml bottle
  • 37% ABV
  • OU Kosher certified
  • Available at select retailers
Lisco Tequila Seltzer

Available in four juicy flavors & made with premium tequila & real fruit juice, this 100 calorie can is hard seltzer at its purest.

  • $13 for four 12oz cans
  • 5% ABV
  • OU Kosher certified
  • Available at select retailers & liscospirits.com
Tip Top Proper Cocktails

Tiny but mighty, these 3.4oz canned cocktails are bringing the classics to your bar cart. Made with quality ingredients, they're the perfect way to lift your spirits after a long day. Pro tip: Pick up a case of the Negroni & thank us later :)

  • $40 for eight 3.38oz cans
  • 26-37% ABV
  • OK Kosher certified (select flavors)
  • Available at select retailers & tiptopcocktails.com
Austin Eastciders

Made from cider apples imported from Europe, Austin Eastciders offers quality ciders in a can. And with a wide range of flavors, there's a cider for everyone. 

  • $20 for twelve 12oz cans
  • 5% ABV Certified
  • OK Kosher Certified
  • Available at select retailers & austineastciders.com
Sunday's Finest Gold Fashioned

At $150/bottle, the Gold Fashioned is not cheap. But the craftsmanship and attention to detail make it well worth its price. From the perfect blend of bourbon & rye, to the house-made saffron bitters & orange oil atomizer, this is an exquisite bottle that makes an incredible gift.

  • $150 for a 750ml bottle
  • 42.2% ABV
  • OU Kosher certified
  • Available at select retailers & thegoldfashioned.com
Canpagne Peach Mimosa

PEACH + BUBBLES + ROSÉ. Need we say more? This fantastic wine cocktail is the perfect poolside sipper. (more flavors coming soon!)

  • $15 for four 12oz cans
  • 6% ABV
  • OU Kosher certified (select flavors)
  • Available at select retailers & canpagnewineco.com
Juneshine Kombucha

Feeling funky? Juneshine's got you covered with their freshly brewed line of sippable and subtly sweetened "hard booch."

  • $15 for six 12oz cans
  • 6% ABV
  • OK Kosher certified (kombucha only)
  • Available at select retailers & juneshine.com
J Folk

Made in South Africa using only natural ingredients & high quality spirits, these canned cocktails are perfectly balanced & ready for any occasion. Available in 3 unique flavors (plus wine options).

  • $15 for four 8.45oz cans
  • 10% ABV
  • OK Kosher certified
  • Available at select retailers
Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits

The newest kid on the block, Thomas Ashbourne is a celebrity endorsed cocktail brand that holds its own. These "wildly dignified" canned and bottled cocktails come in four incredible flavors & are made with quality ingredients.

  • $60 for eight 200ml cans or $44 for two 375ml bottles
  • 20-25% ABV
  • OU Kosher certified
  • Available at select retailers and thomasashbourne.com
Aaaaand that's a wrap!

Cheers 🥂